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Developing State Of The Art Software Solutions

At Qompute, we create applications with you, our potential customers, in mind. We utilise only the best and latest technologies to make your experience with our products an enjoyable one. Every aspect is hand-coded with great care and effort, from crafting the user interface, to fine-tuning the back-end processes, expressly to ensure simplicity and seamlessness when using our software.

Developed especially for the active business manager, all our products have been designed for ease-of-use. With our solutions, you get maximum control and management at your fingertips, whether you're in the office, or half way around the world.

Come in and discover how our products can help you manage your business better.

monitor & manage...

Monitor & Manage Your Business From Any Smartphone Or Tablet, From Anywhere In The World

alerts & notifications...

Instantly Receive Alerts And Notifications Of Critical Changes In Your Daily Operations As They Happen

surveillance system...

Remotely Monitor And Secure Your Business Premises Even While You're Away

staff management...

Manage Staff Movement, Attendance Schedules, And Duty Rosters At Your Fingertips

mobile terminals...

Perform Stock-Taking, Customer-Registration, Table-Side Ordering, And Much More, With Portable Mobile Terminals

kitchen displays...

Track Order-Processing Times And Receive Order-Ready Notifications With Interactive Kitchen-Display Systems

planning & scheduling...

Maintain Reservations, Appointments, And Even Waiting-Lists, With Automatic Reminders And Notifications

queue management...

Integrate Queue Displays, Table Pagers, and SMS Notification Systems Right Into A Single Application

cross platform...

Works On Virtually Any Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone

Designing Beautiful, Functional, Communicative Websites

A powerful and indispensable tool, websites have become the virtual face of businesses, organisations and individuals the world over. They present core information to potential customers and patrons, and are accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Products, services, and more, are on display around the clock, ready to reach their intended audience.

With such an expanded and global reach, a good and well-designed website is a promotional power-tool that everyone should have. It's an investment that returns fast, and returns big.

Get yours today!

Cutting-Edge Technologies And Platforms

Whether you're using Windows, OSX, or even Linux, our products will always implement their familiar functionalities and user-interfaces. This is achieved through pure native development, where we design, code and compile all of our programs in the preferred languages of each platform, on their respective operating systems. The resulting applications have very small footprints, and perform very fast and efficiently, featuring the same look-and-feel of each platform.

The same approach extends to the full range of mobile platforms that we support, from Android and the Apple iOS, to Windows Phone.

  • Windows

    Developed entirely on Microsoft's .NET framework, our Windows desktop apps are supported by Windows 10, with legacy support all the way back to Windows 2000. The mobile extensions also support Windows Phone 8 and the new Windows Phone 10.

  • OSX & iOS

    All development on the Apple desktop and mobile devices are done with XCode using Apple's preferred Objective-C language. The resulting apps utilise the native user-interfaces of Apple's OSX and iOS operating systems, giving them that familiar look, feel, and ease of use.

  • Linux

    Linux is currently one of the most preferred open-source operating systems in use, and accordingly, we have adapted our full line of solutions around it. Although a wide range of Linux distributions are available today, our developments on this platform have been specially optimised for Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux Mint, to ensure maximum compatibility.

  • Android

    Built upon Linux, this popular mobile operating system from Google, exclusively runs Java code on their proprietary Dalvik Virtual Machine. For optimal performance, we too have developed all our apps on this platform with the Java language. Our solutions are fully compliant with Google's standards, running seamlessly on all Android-based devices.

  • Desktop Servers

    In a world dominated by mobile devices, the importance of the desktop computer should not be discounted, especially in business applications. It serves as a cornerstone in any setup, acting as a local server to store and distribute data to all the other devices on the network. It is also a very important failsafe when the cloud is inaccessible.

  • Laptops & Notebooks

    Current technologies have been able to compress the power and capabilities of a decent desktop server into compact laptops and notebooks. This greatly enhances portability and flexibility when setting-up and implementing server-based systems. It provides a simple and convenient option for smaller setups.

  • Smartphones

    Mobile phones have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. It is thus the perfect platform for management-centric applications that deliver updates and notifications to managers on the move. All our business solutions are equipped with mobile extensions that run on all leading smartphones, to keep the active manager connected.

  • Tablets & Handhelds

    Through wireless internet connectivity, tablets and handhelds are able to provide the same portable convenience as smartphones. However, as such devices pack more power and features, we have exclusively designed and created the interfaces and engines of all our mobile extensions to optimally utilise these hardware capabilities.

  • Cloud Computing

    The backbone of all our distributed solutions are the backend servers. These servers provide wide-area intranet connectivity among all the portable and mobile devices that run our applications. Databases are synced, and notifications are relayed through them. To manage these backend processes, we employ only the most dedicated servers of the highest quality and performance. Maintained in Roubaix, Northern France, our cloud services have consistently delivered the best throughput and uptime among all other services in its class.

  • Data Security & Integrity

    The most important aspect of any business system is its data. To protect and secure this sensitive information, our applications employ industry-tested methodologies, from error-checking, verification and validation of input, output, and transmitted data, to user-authorisation gates and user-level data encryption. Coupled with regular automated backups, we go that extra mile to keep your precious payload safe from corruption and prying eyes.

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